Terms & Conditions


Special offers

Our special offers are clearly explained for each case separately in the offer itself. We are always transparent in everything.

Special offers of discounted membership are only for new members and not for our current members trying to switch each month to a new email address. We will be monitoring those and if we detect such activity, the membership will be cancelled without the possibility of refund.



We do not offer refunds on gym memberships and used goods such as fitness nutrition packs or used clothes without the tags.
In case that you get injured and will bring a report from your GP or the hospital, we can freeze your current membership for as long you need for your recovery.



The cancellation fee for all memberships including special offers is a one-time fee of €9.99 and it must be paid online here. You must inform us by sending us a message and a screenshot to fitforever15cavan@gmail.com
As subject of the email write “CANCEL”.


Use of the Gym

The minimum age of a member must be 16 years. For underaged individuals please check with our reception as we offer special classes designed for minors.

Always be precautious of other members. If you see that someone need help, please help or send the person to us. We do not tolerate bullying and anti-social behaviors. We are a family where one supports others regardless of their race, religion or sexual orientation.



We promise that we will keep the entire place clean and sanitized. That includes showers, toilets, all machines, and the floors.
We would like to ask you to cooperate and always bring with you a sweat towel. Thank you



Bussiness name: Fitforever gym & fitness centre Ltd
Address: Kilmore centre Dublin Road co. Cavan
Email: fitforever15cavan@gmail.com
Phone: 0494362392


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